Corporate Consulting

Corporate Consulting

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
But what about dinner?

An organizational culture fed on mistrust and confusion eventually spells a descending spiral of high turnover, weak performance, poor business outcomes, and organizational collapse. We know how to help. Rely on our many years of experience in executive leadership, change management, operations, and human-centered team dynamics to see what you're missing.

Our Methodology

Our Methodology



We know how crucial this first step can be. It’s easy to race to the fixing stage without even knowing what the problem is. In our first meeting, we’ll listen to your challenges, pore over your notes, and begin the process of building a trusting relationship. Above all else, we’ll be honest and direct with you. 



The second meeting is, by our accounts, the most crucial. The problem might not be what you think it is. When you’re so close to an issue, it can be hard to fully  assess  all the presuppositions you’ve already made. Is this really a culture to begin with? Is it even your problem to solve? What cognitive biases may be keeping you from seeing the entire system? 



By our third meeting, we should have a game plan and a direction. Here our work will grow even more collaborative in scope. To unpack your issues, we may need access to key stakeholders. The point is to get at the real answer, and to do so without judgement. 



The very last thing we want to do is draft a 150 page PDF that no one will read. Once we’ve discovered the issue, we’ll present our findings, and give you a clear, concise, and actionable plan to begin to fix things for the better. 



This is where the real work begins. There’s a plan, and then there’s executing a plan. We will be here, on call, to help manage ad hoc questions, triage unforeseen issues, and keep a steady hand on the rudder as you integrate systemic changes throughout your organization. 

Core Services

Leadership coaching 

Your job is to be responsible: for the success and failure of your teams, for the evolution of the business, and for the bottom line. But great leadership is not about authority, power, or decision-making. Great leaders must be great instruments for feedback, change, and for the voices of employees and stakeholders alike. 


Your organization begins and ends here. If your teams and managers cannot collaborate, struggle to see eye-to-eye or are not living up to promise you see in each individual, then you’re leaving gas in the pump. We aren’t just experienced leaders, we have years of practice in reading and understanding subtle inter-team dynamics, isolating the real issues, and setting solutions to build trust and communication where it’s needed. 

Change Management 

We don’t have the answers. Every reorg, M&A, new capacity, and new product launch comes will expose unforeseen issues and challenge you to think on the fly. What we do have are the right questions and framework to prepare for change, to build your org’s agility and capacity for disruption, to help you set the right kinds of goals so that you don’t get lost in the woods. 

Speciality Services



Together, we have almost twenty years of academic experience, as students, educators, and administrators. We know the certain idiosyncrasies inherent to the university system and the best ways to manage the personalities and politics that can hamper learning, growth, and innovation. 

Human resources consulting

Human resources often gets no love within an organization. As HR professionals, we understand the unique constraints and challenges facing people operations at your company. 



Many organizations are tearing up their traditional HR functions and installing cross-functional teams that are better suited to the changing future of work. We can help you do that. Bring us in to help you redesign your people operations from the ground up. 

Startup growing pains

One hundred and fifty. That’s Dunbar’s Number: the uppermost limit of personal relationships that any person can reasonably sustain. Once your org moves past that amount, your culture will take on a life of its own. Do you have a plan for that? Do you know how to identify, demonstrate, reproduce, and teach your organization’s identity to new talent? Do you know how to make it travel to new offices? That’s why we’re here. 


We’re experts at career transitions. That’s why we’re the best people to help support the continued career growth of your employees who are moving on from their position. 

We can help you finally wrap your head around things.