Individual Mentoring

Individual Mentoring

Traditional career coaching often fails because it doesn't start at the real beginning: you.

You need someone who can actually see where you're coming from without judgment or an agenda. That's why our mission is to help you discover and build a career around your true (and often hidden) self so you can grow confidently into the future.

The Six Factors™

We when first meet with our clients, we introduce them to something we call the Six Factors of career choice. Each factor describes a different keystone in the building of a good career. Consciously or not,  you have already built your career around these factors, implicitly privileging some over others. From experience, we know that most of our clients come to us stuck in a career that does not reflect the things that they hold most important. When we work together, our job will be to help you see the underlying patterns that already govern your career, so we can help you design a more emotionally, psychologically, and materially fulfilling one.



Your learned talents,i.e. your practiced, trained, specific, and task-oriented proficiencies.



Your innate talents and natural ways of being. 



Your enjoyments, hobbies, dreams, and preoccupations. 



The rules and narratives that define your internal and external sense of goodness, justice, virtue, and responsibility. 

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Your short-term or long-term outcomes by which you define and measure your successes and failures.



Not just your family of origin, but also your committed relationships formed in adulthood. 

Our Services

We have the know-how and experience to tackle it all. When it comes to career growth and transitions, We’ll arm you with all of the right tools to move forward with confidence. 

Personality & goals Assessment 

Starting is always the hardest part. We’re here to help you figure out what you really want from your career and who you want to be going forward.  

Networking training & guidance 

Yes, who you know does matter. But don’t let that discourage you. Networking is a concrete skill that can be mastered. We can show you the best practices and rules of etiquette to approach these conversations with confidence.

Personal Storytelling & Branding 

Whether it’s your LinkedIn profile, a cover letter, or an elevator conversation, the key to changing careersand excelling in them—often hinges on how well you can tell an honest and engaging story about yourself. Through personal coaching and self-reflection exercises, we’ll help you refine your story and teach you how to speak clearly and persuasively about who you really are. 


Many industries now expect job applicants to have their own personal website. Even for those who don’t, a personal site can be the most meaningful and valuable way a potential employer gets to know you. We can help you devise a branding strategy, write copy, customize a design, and build the site from scratch. 

Resumes, Cover letters, Applications & Admissions

Too much emphasis is placed on resumes and cover letters. But there is definitely a difference between a good one and a bad one. Do you tailor your documents for each application? Do you know how best to structure the information? Do you know what hiring managers are usually scanning for or how their applicant tracking systems work? We’ll answer all these questions and help you draft immaculate materials tailored to your audience so you can move forward in the applicant process.

interview preparation & coaching 

The job interview can be one of the most intimidating and terrifying moments of your life. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ll help you master your fear by arming you with the right questions and mindset to walk into the interview confidently. 


Trying to figure out which graduate programs you should considerlet alone if you should be going to grad school at allcan be very difficult for many. We have twenty years of experience in higher ed. as masters and doctorate students in the humanities and social sciences and as career counselors and administrators. We can provide that expert knowledge you need so you can make the best decision.


Every parent can commiserate about college applications. You can rely on our decades of experience in higher ed. to help you and your child make sense of college admissions, draft a priority list of schools, prepare admissions materials, write application essays, and make the right choice once the fat envelopes roll in. 

We help people build careers
around their true selves.
For real.